ISO 14001 4.2 Environmental Policy

This clause requires an organization to define Environmental Policy for their organization, this environmental policy shall within the defined environmental scope mentioned in ISO 14001 4.1 General Requirements. The environmental policy shall defined and approved by Top Management of organization.

When setting the environmental policy, organization shall follow the below criteria:

  • the environmental policy is appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of organization’s activities, products and services. Meaning to say, all the organization’s activities, products and services shall consider the impact to environmental.

  • the environmental policy shall include commitment to continual improvement of the Environmental Management System and Prevention of Pollution to environment.

  • the environmental policy shall include commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes which relate to its environmental aspect. Meaning to say, organization shall show commitment to comply to related legal and other requirements which relate to organization’s environmental aspect.

  • the environmental policy shall provide the framework for setting and reviewing the environmental objectives and targets defined by organization.

  • the environmental policy shall documented, implemented the policy within the organization, and maintain the environmental policy follow the ISO 14001 requirements.

  • the environmental policy shall communicated to all the person who work in the organization or work on behalf of the organization.

  • the environmental policy shall ensure is available to the public. Meaning to say, if anyone from public require to review the environmental policy set by organization, organization shall present to them.

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